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I make no claims about being a great mystic, a great teacher, a great Buddhist, a great anything ... I make no claims about living from a Truth other than the one which we all ARE.


I am an ordinary woman living an ordinary life in ordinary suburbia. I have a house, dogs, and a partner. I enjoy gardening and bushwalking. At various times in the past I suffered greatly and sought to overcome that suffering. And so I became a spiritual seeker.


What is needed at this time, on this planet,  is not people preaching at us in their robes or from their specialness ... asking us to imagine a life separate from the beauty and peace that is right under our very noses ...


Awakened life is utterly simple and ordinary ... and so vital.

This Here ... This Life ... This is what we are ... a bug, a rainbow, that person over there ... no separation. No argument.

May we all come to peace.

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Marianne Broug is a writer, photographer, poet, conservationist and contemplative. She used to be a professional musician and music teacher, and played in the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra .

She lives in South Australia on Kaurna land.

Non-dual Awakening


"This silence that we are is not the preserve of the chosen few, or the special ones, or those who have meditated for thirty years, or have studied countless ancient texts ... it is simply our natural state ... it is home, the source ... it is our birthright. And it is here, now ... never separate from our ordinary everyday lives." 

- Marianne Broug -

I use the word awakening very specifically to describe the shift in identity and perception, from the individual and mind-created sense of self, to our true nature or natural state.


In essence my books tell the story of my life, each marking the end to a particular chapter ...

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It was many years ago, long before my spiritual journey had become conscious, that someone first suggested that I look within to find out who I truly was.


I took their suggestion and did indeed look within. And I came to the rather panicked conclusion that there was absolutely nothing there. As far as I could see it was just one big fat gaping hole ....


And yet, many years later, I came to the realization that it is this hole, this emptiness within, that is the key to everything …for it is this emptiness that we fill when we awaken.

(excerpt from The Emptiness of the Interior)



beautiful one

this is your path

even if you fall 
even if you forget 
even if you are tired and for now you must sleep 
even if grief tears at your throat

this is your path 
and you can never stray from it

the flowers will bloom under your feet 
when you are not looking

"Grace is always present. You imagine it as something high in the sky, far away, something that has to descend. It is really inside you, in your heart. When the mind rests in its source, grace rushes forth, sprouting as from a spring within you."

- Ramana Maharshi -

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General photography ...

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Photography for conservation ...

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Photography in the media ...

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