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In essence my books tell the story of my life, each marking the end to a particular chapter.

I was a musician and music teacher and loved to engage with my students in creative and fun ways. As that part of my life came to an end I knew I had to put some of my teaching material into a book (Flute with a Twist ). Seventeen Voices was written to highlight the dehumanisation of suffering into labels. I had seen this over and over in my own life and in that of others. As my suffering came to an end I had to share my reflections through the stories of others. Suffering, Spirituality and the Inner Journey Home was written about my journey to find our true home, our true nature. I had to write down the material before I forgot it. What's Awakening Really Like? is written from life as it is lived as awake. If it signals the end to something, I don't yet know what that is!

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