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General photography

I came to photography after awakening. In it there is something about capturing the essence of a moment ... the beauty of a fleeting now-ness that is our ultimate truth. A photograph can capture the unspeakable reality and transport others there as well. I could take a photo of almost anything and find it breathtakingly beautiful. In its Silence is the deepest contentment and connection. It has come as a surprise to me that others love my photos, value my way of viewing the world and wish to use them to communicate the importance of conservation and bio-diversity.

Additionally through macro photography I am given a privilege: to look at the world beyond the human eye. In a non-dual or spiritual sense, it is a profound metaphor for how limited our consensus view of the world is. I am humbled and so aware of our anthropocentrism and arrogance.The perfection of a human being is no more or less the perfection of an ant being or a fly being. I cannot separate myself from an ant or a fly ... it is the same perfection. Increasingly I wish to walk more and more lightly on this earth, deeply revering its sublime expression down to the very tiniest detail.


Fly anthomyia vicarians small copyright.
plumbago 1.JPG
Daisy small.JPG
leaf small copyright.JPG
Dart Southern Grass.JPG
Fly 2 small.JPG
bee 2.JPG
water 14 April small copyright.JPG
spider lynx 1.JPG
Spider Maratus griseum.JPG
dart yellow banded.JPG
Butterfly common brown 3 a.JPG
web 2.JPG
spider flower  10.JPG
P2000564 copyright.JPG
web 3.JPG
water 2.JPG
Dragonfly stunning 5.JPG
white spider 1.JPG

Black and White

Tree dead.JPG
Belair stream bw small.JPG
Kangaroo tired a small copyright.JPG
Landscapes of wood.JPG
Kangaroo poo fungus 1 b.JPG

Other ...

Moon and leaves lighter.JPG
fog kanga 2 dt small a.jpg
Autumn 1 small.JPG
Lorikeet 2 small.JPG
butterfly common brown 29 April small.JP
Rainy day 1 a small.JPG
sunset small.JPG
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