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Suffering, Spirituality

and the

Inner Journey Home

walking the path
from desperation and fear
to the peace of lived awakening


“Do you want to go Home?

Do you want to be at Home?
Come walk with me.

Come walk in this field we call ‘life’.
Home is closer than you can possibly imagine.”


“In my most suffered times, when death truly seemed the only option,

the cry that emanated seemingly unwilled
from deep in my soul was: ‘I want to go Home! Please, please let me go Home.’”

(from the chapter, Longing for Home)


With deep authenticity, wisdom, intimacy and courage, author Marianne Broug writes of her intense suffering, its transformation, and ultimately her awakening into Spirit or Consciousness as her true Home and the ultimate healer.​


This book is a compelling and inspiring account of an ordinary woman living in ordinary suburbia, and her extraordinary journey to Truth and Oneness.


Rather than a chronological autobiography, Marianne invites the reader into topics such as suffering, suicide, soul, therapy and therapists, spiritual teachers, depression, creativity, courage, trauma, questions …

All of us on this journey need guidance, inspiration and support, no matter what stage we’re at. Rather than a quick-fix or self-help manual, this book is wise, raw and humble medicine from one who has gone before.


Reviews ...

“In this one-of-a-kind book, Marianne Broug invites us in as intimate witnesses to her journey Home through many black nights of the soul. Writing in the pure voice of Truth, she vividly portrays the paradox at the heart of the spiritual journey, that being willing to unflinchingly explore the depths of suffering ultimately liberates us from that suffering. For all of us who are in pain, this is a deeply inspiring book, showing us that there is an end to the agony, even when it seems it will go on forever. It helps us have faith that if we stay close to our own inner truth, whatever that may be
in the moment, we will move towards freedom. As we absorb her words, we feel ourselves gently opening into a deeper sense of presence, affirming both our own potential for liberation and the unmistakable authenticity of Marianne’s account. She goes as a guide before us, illuminating the way through the darkness, encouraging us all to follow her Home.”  - Persephone Maywald M.A. Psychologist and IFS Therapist

This is a beautiful book. Impeccably written. This is not like other books I have read, as it presents the spiritual journey in an incredibly down-to-earth and accessible way. Writing in this way invited me to deeply reflect on the content and how it might apply to my life. I pondered and savored each chapter. The art work in the book is very powerful and evocative. This is a very genuine account of the author's life ... she is very ordinary and yet extraordinary.  - Maree

This is a deeply personal book of suffering, survival and freedom that grips you from the first page. For anyone who is suffering this is a must read. It is the type of book that doesn't just tell you someone's life story but challenges you as well. This book is gut-wrenching at times you read and read and read for days and you can't stop and then you hit something that challenges you or just doesn't make sense yet somewhere deep inside it does. So you put the book down and leave it alone, just sit with where you're at and get on with your life. Then something just clicks one day and you understand that question that you couldn't make sense of before but you don't know why. You pick the book up again and off you go until you hit something else that strikes a chord for you to contemplate a deeper question. Marianne's writing is beautiful. While it is easy to read its content reaches deep into your gut and challenges you to move forward in your own journey.  - Debra

There are a plethora of books regarding the now rather old hat subject, the 'pursuit of happiness'. I read most of them, and hungrily followed the advice to repeat gorgeous affirmations and visualise until the cows came home. (they did not!)

After a while I began to feel unbalanced and strange. As if I was trying to force the sun to stay in the sky twenty four hours a da...y. It began to dawn on me that there was more. Darker elements that I would prefer not to look at. Goblins from my past that I had put to sleep with my affirmations, now woke up and began to rattle at their cages. Physical life reflected them back to me via appalling new surprises, forcing me to confront what I had tried to bury. I needed a very different kind of resource!

There are few who write of these personal trials with such open hearts and so full of love. Marianne Broug has shared her own story with the world, with courage and beautiful clarity. I read her book as one clinging to a life raft crossing stormy seas. I recommend it unreservedly, and suggest it be kept close at hand. It provides comfort and reassurance for the dark nights. It enables us to embrace the stinging things, even as they sting. - Cathryn Deyn


Correspondence from a reader:

Dear Marianne,

Thank you so much for writing your book. It is such a beautiful book. Beautiful on so many levels - content, presentation, paintings, poems, honesty, hope, vulnerability, being out there with how it is and was ... It is a very rich book and I know I’ll find myself dipping into it often. And hopefully getting others to read it. I also liked the way that the preface was written to give a context for the book. Its ‘comments’  give clarity to the words and concepts I came across as I read on and deepend my experience of reading enormously. T.

In addition to the online stores below,  the book can also be purchased within Australia directly from Marianne Broug. Price is $25.00, which includes postage and handling. Please contact Marianne through the contact form and you will be notified of payment details.


Dance of Life - Marianne Broug

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