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It is love that has been the surprise. 
The homecoming. 
The return.

There were other words 
along the way ...

But now 

there is only love

>>> <<<


There were times I wondered 
if I would be seen as a fool 
if I spoke of love.

Now it is all I see, 
and I know that the only foolishness 
would be not to speak.

My poetry (short reflections below)

My short reflections

The magic ... if there is any ... is that we are already complete ...

Even when the circumstances of our lives seem to show otherwise, even when veils of fear or anguish or grief hang in front of our eyes, from the moment of our birth, we are never separate from love ... from completeness ... from our natural state ... from truth ...

Truly ...

>>>     <<<

The cry ...

"Dear God, I've had enough!"

... when uttered in complete truth,
is so very very powerful.

>>>     <<<

I have been wandering on windswept and deserted beaches, sitting by a tranquil river at dusk, watching fur seals at play in the water, beholding the vast vast sky and a hawk as it swoops its prey, watching and weeping as a rainbow formed itself over a wild ocean, feeling the ancient resonances of the Aboriginal people whose rich land this once was. It is all magnificent and oh-so beautiful ... and so quickly and easily recalls me to my own vast and primordial nature... but today as I was sitting in the car in the sterile shopping center carpark, I could not but see that same primordial beauty ... it is all God.

>>>    <<<

This journey ... it isn't always pretty, it isn't always easy ... the icy winds can sting our naked skin

... the heat of the sun will blister ...

We must be stripped bare, divested of all our shallow hopes,

all our our filters, our pretensions and our pretendings

... but what else is there to do? There is no 'better' life than this one.

>>>     <<<




In Emptiness, there is no-one to say that this moment is not the most extraordinary moment in all of creation …

>>>   <<<


I wrote the following in response to this quote by Adyashanti ... "Don't just focus on revelatory experience; value all the small ways it leaves a perfume in your life."

We all have revelations, moments of deep insight, openings into transcendence, extraordinary spiritual experiences. At the time, these can seem miraculous, whole and complete and so we imagine we have finally "got it". But it is only the mind or ego that will ever have the arrogance to think it has "got" anything. Spirituality can never be "got". It can never be owned. Spiritual "experiences" are irrelevant beyond the moment in which they descend ... it is the "perfume" that they leave in our lives and in our living that is of value. Spirituality is always in the living ...

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