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My latest book ...

Twenty everyday people share their experience of spiritual awakening.

Although in one sense awakening (or an awakening experience) may answer many questions the ‘seeker’ may have had about the nature of our spiritual identity, in another it is just the beginning. Many of the great sages took years to integrate, understand and deepen into abiding (24/7) realization or enlightenment. On our own, with little or no support or understanding from family, friends or society, this process can be disorienting. Additionally, the layers and subtleties of the 'egoic' contraction can take may years to be seen through and wind down. This book is a profound companion and friend along the way ...

With deep authenticity, wisdom, intimacy and courage, author Marianne Broug writes of her intense suffering, its transformation, and ultimately her awakening into Spirit or Consciousness as her true Home and the ultimate healer.​

"Do you want to go Home? Do you want to be at Home? Come walk with me. Come walk in this field we call 'life'. Home is closer than you can possible imagine." - excerpt

My book Seventeen Voices: Life and wisdom from inside 'mental illness' is available from various on-line sources, Wakefield Press, (type in 'Seventeen Voices' into the search bar), or you can contact me


Also see the Seventeen Voices page on this web site for further information and some excerpts.

Here are the voices of the real experts

on 'mental illness' ...

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